Ref # Type AAR Type Built Cubes/Gallons Load Capacity Length Quantity Notes
B-05.09.22-00 Box Car B314 1979 5347 70ton 50ft 6in inside 22 Mechanical Designation XM
AAR Car Type Code B314
Inside Length 50 ft 06 in
Inside Height 11 ft 01 in
Inside Width 09 ft 06 in
Side Door Height 10 ft 04 in
Side Door Width 10 ft 00 in
Side Door Type 14
Plate Clearance C
Lining L
Roof Type
Draft Gear 88
Cubic Ft Capacity 05347 cu ft
Nominal Capacity 000000 lbs.
Owned Or Leased NOT CSX CAR
Outside Length
Outside Extreme Height
Outside Extreme Width
Height of Extreme Width
Upper Eaves Height
Upper Eaves Width
Lower Eaves Height
Lower Eaves Width
Star Stencil
Trans Code
Trans Cond Code 5
Max Weight on Rail 220000 lbs.
Tare Weight 061900 lbs.
Load Limit 158100 lbs.Special Characteristics
Single Sliding Doors, centered
Nailable Steel (includes alternate wood and steel floor)
B-06.17.22-00 Box Car Box car 1979 5277cu 70ton 50ft 10 Boxcars for Sale
Quantity Ten / 10
Built 1979
Cubes 5277
Length 50ft
Nailable steel floors
Floor Material Steel Nailable includes alternate wood and steel floor
Flr Strength 50000 Pounds
Tonnage 70
Plate B
Underframe Ridged
Doors Center Sliding
Previously in scrap paper service
All cars are identical
Location Ohio
Picture Available
B-07.07.22-01 Box Car B357 78/79 5290cu 70ton 50ft 6in Inside 13 AAR car Type B357
Captive service
Free move
Inside Length 50ft 6in
Inside Height 11ft
Extream Width 10ft 8in
Inside Width 9ft 6in
Outside Length 55ft 7in
Door 16ft Wide
Door Height 10ft 4in
70 Ton
Lt weight 58900lbs
Load Limit 154000
FC-06.03.22-00 Flatcar - Centerbeam Flat FBC483 1988 100ton 68ft 0in outside 1 Car type FBC483
Build date 1988
Plate C
Length 68ft 0in
Width 9ft 8in
height 15ft 5in
FC-06.14.22-00 Flatcar - Centerbeam Flat Center beam flat 1986 263 68ft over pulling fa 100 Center beam Flats
Inside length 60ft 8in
inside Width 9ft 3in
Extreme Height 15ft 6in
Deck Height from top of rail 3ft 10in
Lt weight 6300lbs
load Limit 198700
Length over pulling face 68ft
FCO-05.10.22-00 Flatcar - COFC/TOFC Flush deck low level 1980's 70ton 89ft 4in inside leng 5 Captive service only
89ft 4in flush deck low-level car
partial free move covers 750 miles to an interchange
Built by Bethlehem Steel equipped with 10in end of car cushing
Universal Pocket 60in E69 couplers
Inside length 89ft 4in
Inside Width 9ft
Extreame Exterior Height 6ft
Extreame Width 9ft 6in
Height at extreame width 6ft
Deck Height from top of rail 2ft 8in
Lt Weight 103200lbs.
Load Limit 126700lbs.Length over Pulling Face 93ft 10in
FCO-06.14.22-00 Flatcar - COFC/TOFC F176 72/75 286 94ft 8in outside 100 AAR F176
With one Free move
Plate B
Outside Length 94ft 8in
Outside Height 7ft 5in
Outside width 9ft 10in
Max weight to rail 218000
Tare 68800
FCO-06.22.22-00 Flatcar - COFC/TOFC P882 1980 286cap 85ft 9in 1 Mechanical Designation FC
AAR Car Type Code P882
Built in 1980 and equipped with end of car cushioning.
Plate Clearance B
Draft Gear 15
Outside Length 085 ft 09 in
Outside Extreme Width 09 ft 08 in
Height of Extreme Width 02 ft 11 in
Max Weight on Rail 286000 lbs.
Tare Weight 061900 lbs.
Load Limit 224100 lbs.
Cars were originally containers cars but I do not know if the container locks are still on the cars. The cars are also equipped with a 6in angle iron welded on the length of the car, which was used as a bumper/fence for excavator
FCO-11.29.16-00 Flatcar - COFC/TOFC 1967 70ton 89ft 3 Partial move included must call for pricing!
Length 89 ft 0in Over End Sills
Extreme Width 9 ft 11in
Truck Centers 66 ft 0in
Deck Configuration Steel Deck With Rub Rails
Deck Width Between Rub Rails 8 ft 6in
Floor to Rail 3 ft 6in
Trucks 70-Ton Roller Bearing
Truck Springs D-5
Truck Wheelbase 5 ft 8in
Wheelsets 33in
Lightweight 68,000 Lbs. Average
FG-02.08.16-00 Flatcar - General Purpose Bridges 1960's 70ton 55ft 50 Ray, we have available for sale a group of 55 ft. all steel flat deck flatcars. Cars were built in the late 1960s and have been operating in captive service.
Underframes are structurally sound and are of fish belly construction. They are currently sitting on 70-ton roller bearing trucks of U.S. 4ft 8 ½in track gauge. 9ft 3in wide have new steel decks with anti skid pained on the steel floors
Attached are several representative photos along with a specification sheet. The flatcars to be offered are similar to non-painted unit in photos with trucks under it. There is a stripped and painted underframe loaded on its deck, which has been prepared for a bridge application.
FG-02.28.17-00 Flatcar - General Purpose F123 67/68 70ton 60ft 0in 3 Sale only
Wood deck cars
They are suitable for in-plant captive service only.
Deck Length 60ft 0in
Deck Width 10ft 6in
Truck Centers 44ft 6in
Deck Material Wood 2 ½ in Thick Oak
Trucks 70 ton Roller Bearing
Year Built 1967 68

Flatcars are complete and can be delivered on their own wheels

All flatcars are offered Subject to Prior Sale, Lease and/or Disposition with terms of sale Net Cash Prior to Shipment.
GM-07.25.22-00 Gondola - Mill Gon Equipment G719 2021 3564cu 286 66ft inside 100 Equipment G719
Length, Inside 66ft
Length, Over Couplers 71ft 3.5in
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold 2ft 10.5in
Width, Inside 9ft
Width, Extreme 9ft 10.75in
Height, Inside 6ft
Height, Extreme 9ft 7.8125in
AAR Plate C
Light Weight 78,000 lbs
Load Limit 208,000 lbs
Gross Rail Load 286,000 lbs
Capacity 3,564 cu. ft.
GT-03.28.22-00 Gondola - Tub Gon Twin Tub 2006 4520cu 286cap 53ft 1in outside 139 Alum Twin Tub
Beth gon II
Outside Stake
Inside Length4ft 9 1/8in
Inside Height 8ft 8 7/16in
Inside Width 9ft 10in
Extream Ht 12ft 9 1/2in
HC-01.30.20-00 Hopper - Covered C112 85/92 3000cu 100ton 41ft 11in 6 Category: Covered Hopper
AAR Car Type: C112
Sale Type: Sale Only
Year(s) Built: 1992
Cubes: 3000cu
Load Cap: 100ton
Length: 41ft 11in
Quantity Avail: 6
five cars built 1992 one 1985
Expounding Info:
AAR Car Type: C112 Sale only
Reduced Price
Outside Length: 41 ft 11 in
Number: 009562
Height of Extreme: 3 ft 0 in
Extreme Width: 10 ft 8 in
Mech Design: LO
Extreme Length: 41 ft 11 in
Extreme Height: 15 ft 1 in
Built: 3/ 1992
Weighed Empty: 1992-03-27
Tare (Empty): 56800 LBS
Nominal Capacity: 206000 LBS
Cubic Capacity: 3000 CU FT
Gates 13 x 42” bolt up gravity gates.
Load Limit: 206200 LBS
Hopper Outlets: 2
Plate Clearance: B
Cushion Under Frame: NO
Ht to Cntr Gravity: N/A
HC-03.17.20-00 Hopper - Covered C112 2018 3280 286cap 42ft 0in outside 75 Mechanical Designation
LO - Hopper-Covered
Equipment Type Code
Built Date
3 hatch cover
Gross Rail Load/Weight
286000 lb
Tare Weight
51500 lb
Load Limit
234500 lb
Cubic Feet Capacity
3280 cuft
Plate Code
C - Plate Code C
Outside Length
42 Ft 0 In
Outside Extreme Width
10 Ft 8 In
Outside Extreme Height
15 Ft 6 In
Outside Height Extr Width
10 Ft 2 In
HC-06.14.22-00 Hopper - Covered C214 5850cu 263 cap 68ft 3in outside Len 14 AAR C214
Plate C
5850 cu
4 compartments
Round Hatches
Currently at shop and storage on CSX
68ft 3in Outside Length
15ft 5in Extreme Height
10ft 6in Outside width
Max weight to rail 263
Tare 68900
Load limit 19433lbs
HC-06.24.22-00 Hopper - Covered C113 1981 4550 100ton 5ft outside 35 AAR C113
Grain Hopper
Plate C
Average Build Year: 1981
Average End of Service Year: 2031
GRL: 263,000
Outside Length: 59ft
Cubic Capacity: 4550
Bottom Outlets: 4
Current Commodity: Grain
Umler Spec Sheet available.
HC-06.30.22-00 Hopper - Covered Sand Hoppers 2011/2015 3258/3251cu 286cap 140 2011/2015 built, 3258/3281 CF, covered hoppers, 2-pocket, 286,000 GRL, with 3 30in hatch lids-centered, full running boards along both sides of the top of the car, MKE 10571 outlets that can be operated from either side of the car. ASF and Barber trucks, SBE 60 couplers, M901E draft gears, body mounted ABDX/DB-60 brake systems. These cars have been storage for 24 months.
inspected 18 of these cars for one of our customers and the cars are in excellent condition. Some of the cars have graffiti on the side sheets, but otherwise the cars look new. Wheel readings are 24/16 to 26/16, no wear in the trucks or draft system, gates, and hatch lids are all intact.
HC-07.13.22-00 Hopper - Covered Sand hopper 2011/2015 3281 286 41ft 10 1/2in 50 Sand Hopper
Plate C
Inside Length 37FT 1 9/16in
Three, Round, 30in Diameter
Length over Coupler Pulling Faces 41ft 10 1/2in
Inside Width 10FT 7 5/8in
Extreme Width 10FT 8in
Extreme Height 15FT 4in
Capacity, Cubic Feet 3281
Light Weight, lbs, est. 53,200
Maximum Gross Rail Load, lbs 286,000
Load Limit @ GRL 232,800
Commodity Cement/Sand
Attached are some sample pictures and a specification actual cars may vary, several builders.
HC-09.09.21-00 Hopper - Covered C112 2005/06 3200cu 286cap 42ft 2in over pullin 100 Number Available 100 plus
Built Date 2005 2006
Builder ARI, NSC
Gates 2 Rack and Pinion slide gates
Hatches 4 or 5 30in round, centerline hatches
GRL 286,000
Cubic Capacity 3200 CF
Load Limit Est. 231,000 lbs.
Light Weight of Car(Est. 55,000 lbs.
Length - Inside End Sheets 37ft 3ft 5/8in
Over Pulling Faces of Couplers Normal 42ft 0in
Over Strikers 39ft 4 1/2in
Truck Centers 29ft 0in
Adjacent Hopper Outlet Centers 12ft 0in
Width Extreme 10ft 8in
Height Light car above rail, new
Extreme 15ft 6in
Plate C
Rail to Centerline of Coupler 2ft 10 5/32in
Rail to bottom of Hopper Outlet 12 1/2in
Slope Angle Lower end and intermediate 45 Deg.
Upper end 45 Deg.
Side hopper 49.85 Deg.
Hatch Opening 30in Dia.
Gate Openings nominal 13in x 42in
HC-11.22.21-00 Hopper - Covered Covered Hopper 2005/2006 3220 286cap inside length 37ft 50 Built Date 2005/26
Builder NSC, ARI
Cubic Capacity 3220 CF
GRL 286,000
Load Limit 231,000 lbs.
Light Weight 55,000 lbs.
Length Inside End Sheets 37ft 35/8in
Over Pulling Faces of Couplers – Normal 42ft 0in
Over Strikers 39ft 41/2in
Truck Centers 29ft 0in
Adjacent Hopper Outlet Centers 12ft 0in
Width Extreme 10ft 8in
Compartments 2
Gates 2, Gravity, Rack & Pinion
Hatches Round, Centerline
HCPD-06.22.22-00 Hopper - Covered PD C612 3230 cu 286cap 43ft 1in over strike 80 AAR C612
Pressure Differential
Inside Length 36ft m5in
Length over strikers 43ft 1in
Extreme Height 15ft 6in
Height from rail to extreme Width 3ft 7in
Extreme Width 10ft 4 3/4in
Slope of hopper sheets in degrees 50
Plate C
Cubic 3230Lt weight 58500lbs
Gross 286000
Hatches 20in round
3 hatches
Pressure differntial discharge 5in steel line
PSI 14.7psi
Number of outlests 1
Size of discharge outlets 5in
HCPD-09.05.18-00 Hopper - Covered PD C611 1982 2785 100ton 49ft 0in 7 AAR Car Type: C611 lease only
Will be shopped In Illinois before returning to service Nov 16.2021
Outside Length: 49 ft 0 in
Number: 005034
Height of Extreme: 8 ft 2 in
Extreme Width: 10 ft 4 in
Mech Design: LO
Extreme Length: 49 ft 0 in
Extreme Height: 13 ft 11 in
Ownership Code: 3
Built: 6/ 1982
Weighed Empty: 1982-06-01
Tare (Empty): 57600 LBS
Nominal Capacity: 205000 LBS
Cubic Capacity: 2785 CU FT
Load Limit: 205400 LBS
Plate Clearance: B Cushion Under Frame: NO
Ht to Cntr Gravity: N/A
HCPD-09.07.21-00 Hopper - Covered PD C114 1995 5000 286cap 59ft 7in 10 Car owner will only sell all ten cars
Equipment Type C114
Gross Rail Load/Weight 286000 lb
Tare Weight 68100 lb
Load LimitL 217900 lb
Cubic Feet 5000 cuft
Plate Code C
Outside Length 59 Ft 7 In
Outside Extreme Width 10 Ft 8 In
Outside Extreme Height 15 Ft 5 In
Outside Height Extr Width 3 Ft 10 In
Outside Upper Eaves 48 Ft 0 In
Outside Upper Eaves 15 Ft 1 In
Lining Material- Unlined
Roof TypeA2264 - Round hatches on center line of car
HOR-06.30.22-00 Hopper - Ore H350 1997 1490cu 100ton 37ft outside 93 Mechanical Designation HT
AAR Car Type Code H350
Plate B
Max Weight on Rail 263000 lbs.
Tare Weight 057600 lbs.
Load Limit 205400 lbs.
Draft Gear 66
Cubic Ft Capacity 01490 cu ft
Nominal Capacity 000000 lbs.
Owned Or Leased NOT CSX CAR
Outside Length 037 ft 00 in
Outside Extreme Height 10 ft 02 in
Outside Extreme Width 10 ft 07 in
Height of Extreme Width 10 ft 07 in
HRD-03.28.22-00 Hopper - Rapid Discharge K341 2002 4244 cu 286cap 53ft 1in outside 55 AAR car type K341
Alum Rapid
Trinity Built
3 or more compartments
Doors Hinged crosswise Dumping between rails
Outside Length 10ft 8in
Outside Height 13.6in
Built Date 2002
Builder Trinity
Cubic Capacity 4244 CF
GRL 286,000
Light Weight 48,600
Body Material Aluminum
HRD-04.18.22-00 Hopper - Rapid Discharge Auto flood Alum 2004 4200cu 286cap 50ft 5in over strike 43 Auto Flood Rapids
Inside Length 47ft 9 1/8in
50ft 5in over strikers
Inside Width 10ft 1 3/8in
Cubes 4200
Light weight 49100 lbs.Gross Weight 286
Load Limit 236900lbs.
price includes a free move on an Eastern road.
HRD-07.19.22-00 Hopper - Rapid Discharge K341 1997 4200 286cap 53ft 1in outside 100 AAR car type K341
Alum Rapids
3 or more compartments
Doors hinged Crosswise
Dumping between rails
Rotary Coupler
Gross wt. 286lbs
Tare wt.49200
Load Limit 236000
Cubes 4200
Plate C
Outside Length 53ft 1in
Outside Ext Width 10ft 8in
Outside Ext Height 13ft 4in
Outside Ext Width 13ft 3in
L-02.24.17-03 Locomotive 35 ton G.E. 1 This unit will now need a new motor as it was stored outside with the exhaust open and snow enter the engine. The owner has reduced the price to $25000 as is where is below are notes on this unit.
35 ton General Electric locomotive s/n 32212 built 1955. Its original diesel has been replaced with an NTC 250 Cummins engine and it has Schedule 14EL train air brakes. It is 2 axle rigid frame construction and thus has no trucks. A GE 733 traction motor powers each axle. It is ballasted to 38 tons. Brought into stock at a locomotive shop reconditioned and painted. A 2axle (4wheel) locomotive provides more tractive effort than an 8wheel locomotive with trucks because the weight of the unit is concentrated on half as many contact points between rails and wheels. And the OAL of the GE 35 tonner is about 3 feet less than the GE 45 tonner. Dimensions of 35t GE: 25ft x 9ft 7in x 11ft.
L-03.07.22-00 Locomotive SW1200 2 On Hold until May 1st
2) units available
12 cyl 6454E engine / PM
D15C Main gen
10KW Aux gen
T/Ms D77s
Compressor GD 3 cyl air cooled
Electric switch gear / rev Equipped
Equipped with remote control
AAR trucks
No alignment controlled couplers
Wheel wear, 2" plus / minus on most, all should be legal but there may be a couple that are thin.
Michigan location
L-03.08.17-00 Locomotive GP10 4 EMD
GP10 unit
Engine 567 C
Horsepower 1850
M/GD 12B
A/G 10KW
T/Ms D47 D77 D77 D78
Brakes 26L
Compressor WBO
Ditch lights YES
Wheels 1 1/2in or better
Alignment Controlled equipped
Previously in blue card service,
L-03.22.22-00 Locomotive NW2 1 NW2 loco
Main Gen- D4
Auxiliary Gen-10K I think
Not sure on TMs
Low Base Air Cooled Air Compressor
6 Brakes
AAR Control Stand
Air Switch Gear I think.
Good Fat Wheels
AAR Switcher Trucks with Roller Bearings
Good Paint
No broken glass
Stand up Load Regular
Has Remote but it’s untested
Rebuilt Oil Cooler
Kim Hotstart, untested
New filters
Ditch Lights
New style Top Deck Covers
Wheels, Good condition
L-04.11.19-00 Locomotive B23-7 1 GE FDL-12
Engine type V12 diesel
Wheel wear / plus or minus 2"
Engine FDL V-12
HP 2300
Snow plow equipped
Multiple unit hookup equipped
Dynamic brakes equipped
Paint excellent
Air Brake: Westinghouse Model: 26NL
Air Compressor: Westinghouse Model: 3CDC
Main Generator: GE - GTA-11
Multiple Unit Capability: Yes
Auxilary Generator: GY 27
Main Generator: GE - GTA-11
Traction Motors: GE 752AF (Four)
L-06.06.22-00 Locomotive GE44 ton Switcher 1951 1 Center Cab
Roller bearing
Runs good
Power output:
300 hp
B-B 90 90 2GE733
Engine Model:
Engine No:
89577 89582 Power type:
Diesel electric
Builder :
GE Transportation Systems
Model 44-ton switcher
Build date:
May 1951
L-06.13.22-00 Locomotive GP10 1 Location: TN
Low Nose
567 C
Air Cooled Compressor
Alignment Control
Good wheels
Wiring: Low Voltage / High Voltage – Good condition
L-06.16.22-00 Locomotive SW1200 1 EMD SW1200 Locomotive now available
Privately owned / user excess equipment
Horsepower 1200
Engine 12 cyl 567C
Main Gen D15C
Aux Gen 10KW
Traction motors D77s
Brakes 26L
Compressor GD
Glass type / glazing FRA type 1
Electric switch gear YES
Alignment Couplers No
Batteries condition Fair
Wheel wear Appr 2in
Location Southern Michigan
Pictures Available
L-06.21.19-00 Locomotive 45 ton 1 SW1200 Switching locomotive Sale only
Engine: 12 Cylinder 645 E
Horsepower 1200
Main Generator GM-D15C
Auxiliary Generator 14KW Rebuilt
Traction Motors D57 or better Requalified
Compressor: Gardner-Denver WXO Good condition, requalified
Air Brake 26L Requalified new
Wiring Condition Good
Wheel Slip System Good
Control Stand AAR Good
Wheel wear 2 1/2in + -
Equipped with: New Batteries
Hot Start
Electric Switch Gear
Full Coupler and Draft Gear Alignment Control
Disposition In Service
L-08.18.21-00 Locomotive GP38-2 1 Body Configuration Low Nose
Engine 16 Cylinder 645E
Horsepower 2,000
Main Generator AR10
Auxiliary Gen 14KW
Traction Motors D77s or better
Air Compressor GD WBO
Brake Type 26L
CAB A/C Equipped
Wiring Exhane Dash 2 Cabinet
Heaters 1 Water 2 Electric
FRA Glazing YES
Ditch Lights YES Front & Rear
Batteries Good Condition
Exterior Paint Good
Interior Paint Good
Engine Compartment Paint Good
Wheel wear, 3ft
Alignment Couplers, YES Standard
Location, Southern Indiana
Disposition, Blue Carded
Pictures, On request
L-10.17.19-00 Locomotive SW1200 1 SW1200 Switcher FOR SALE
Engine 12 645
Main gen D25
Aux gen
TMs D77s
Compressor GD 3 cyl air cooled
Brakes 26L
Electric Switch gear YES
Wiring low voltage Rewired Exceptional condition
Wiring High voltage Rewired Exceptional condition
Equipped with:
Kim hot start
Cab Air conditioning
Wheels, 3 1/4in
Location, New York state
Pictures, Available
Like New
L-11.27.17-00 Locomotive GP7U 1 GP7
Engine, 567BC Rebuilt in 2009
Horsepower 1500
Main Gen D12B Rebuilt in 2009
Aux Gen 10KW Rebuilt in 2009
Traction Motors D77s
Compressor GD WBL Air cooled Rebuilt 2010
Brake system 26L Rebuilt in 2016
Batteries Almost new
Wiring High and low voltage Rewired 2009 2019
Wheels New in 2009 All 2 in or better
Trucks Rebuilt in 2010
Car body Good paint with no rust
Location Lower midwest
M-02.09.21-00 Misc. 5.5" Plates, Bars, Anchors 1 80000 plates, 2000 tons of rail, 112 RE/115 RE OH, CC, 39ft, 4 hole/ 6 hole 3/16in VHW>
5.5in Plates, Bars, Anchors
We have the following available for sale, FOB Dallas, TX area:
112 RE 24in, 4 hole Joint Bars
115 RE 24in and 36in 4 and 8 hole Joint Bars
5.5in base, 8 hole,Relay Double Shoulder Tie Plates available in 11in and 13in material
5.5in Drive on Relay Anchors
6in Base, DSTP, 14in, 8 hole
Material will be bagged in one ton bags, able to be loaded on flatbed trucks for delivery.
Please let me know if you have any interest? Size and quantity and I can quote a picked up price at job site or delivered, if you supply the zip code for me. Thank you and have a blessed day!
M-03.23.22-00 Misc. GE B30-7A Simulator 1 The B30-7A simulator is a CDC compartment, attached is a cabinet built to house the components from the PDC compartment. All of the equipment is intact and functional. The control panel is mounted on top of a control stand. Both the electrical cabinets and the control stand are equipped with wheels.
The simulator is equipped with a GE Programmable Logic Controller to provide the feedback for the excitation system. Included will be defective modules to place in the CHEC panel for troubleshooting. There is a speaker for an audible simulation of engine speeds. A power pack from a governor with lights installed provides a visual of signals sent to control engine speeds.
The MSP panel is equipped with the test module and all tests may be run as on a locomotive. Included will be defective modules for the MSP panel.
There are 14 fault switches in the low voltage circuits allowing introduction of faults for troubleshooting.
There are switches in the high voltage circuits to apply a ground to the main alternator, grids, all four TM fields, & armature circuits as desired for troubleshooting purposes.
There are switches for illustrating open circuits in each of the four fields and armature circuits.
A 74VDC power supply will not be supplied. Compressed air is needed for operation of the B30-7A simulator.
M-03.26.21-00 Misc. Scale test car 1 Scale test car 80050 scale test car as is, where is Bid price
Built in 1931 with a tare weight of 80,000 lbs.
M-03.26.21-01 Misc. Scale test car 1 Bid rail test car that is located in Decatur, IL
M-08.13.21-00 Misc. KIM HOTSTART 1 heats water, oil and aux. pump
-has battery charger
-booster pump for cab water heater
-ex-CP SD40:
M-10.21.19-00 Misc. Relay rail 1 The Following Relay Rail and OTM are for sale
136RE 39ft lengths
131RE in
122 RE in
115RE 4 track miles plus CWR or 39ft 6 hole
112RE in
100RB CWR and Jtd
100RE 36 and 39ft
90RA 33ft / 39ft
85AS 33ft 5in and 7in punch
6in DSTP 6 and 8 hole
5.5in DSTP
5.5in SSTP
5 3/8in (100 RE) SSTP and DSTP
90# SSTP
85# SSTP 13,000plus
BARS of standard and varying punches for all the above rail. Comp. Bars varying sizes
Relay WA and WD Bumping Posts Derailers New Oilers Switch Points Drive on Anchors
40ft Flatcar from 1940fts with friction bearing trucks.
All material is FOB Ocala, FL 34480 The owner says
"You are welcome to visit and inspect material at anytime, please call for a delivered quote to your job site. We look forward to serving you!"
M-10.22.20-00 Misc. Concrete Pylons 215 Here is info for the Prestressed Concrete Pylons I have available
due to bridge design change.
Prestressed concrete pylons
50ft to 120ft long
All 30in square
Quantity 215
179 qty over 100ft long
Weight approximately 660lb foot
Average weight 35 tons
Life cycle 100 years ocean exposure
10000 psi concrete
Designed to be water jetted down to 60ft of ocean floor allow for 30ft of erosion and still hold bridge in 135 mph wind.
Located coastal North Carolina
Barge loading access available.
Save up to 46 weeks on construction schedule.
Contact for further details.
Can arrange for production of additional materials as needed such as caps beams and deck.
Can assist coordinate logistics and loading.
Suggested use as marker at end of artificial jetties for warning lighting.
ocean piersdocks for LNG Projects
Tank support and ground stabilization
Advise for additional information.
Suggested use as marker at end of artificial jetties for warning lighting.
ocean piers docks for LNG Projects,
Tank support and ground stabilization
T-01.21.21-00 Tank T178 - Dot 117J 2014/2015 28371 286cap 59ft 5in 455 Description 2014-2015 Trinity DOT 117J
Quantity 455
Category Rail - Tank Cars
Year 2015
Manufacturer/Make TRINITY
Model DOT 117J
Mechanical Designation
Equipment Type Code T178
Cars were shopped for cleaning and adding new interior lining [PPG Novaguard 890]. Ready for immediate service. - Sample copy of inspection report can be attached. Will consider serious offers to purchase or triple net lease
Built Date 10/01/2014
Gross Rail Load/Weight 286000 lb
Tare Weight 92700 lb
Load Limit 193300 lb
Gallonage Capacity 28470 usgl
Plate Code C
Outside Length 59 Ft 5 In
Outside Extreme Width10 Ft 7 In
Outside Extreme Height 15 Ft 6 In
Outside Height Extr Width 8 Ft 0 In
Major Class 17 DOT 117J100W
Coil Material C Carbon Steel
Coils Exterior Interior E Exterior
head Protection Thickness 0.500 9.999 in
Head Protection Type
F - Full Height Head Shield
Jacket Material Category N - CARBON STEEL
Jacket Thickness 0.1196 9.9999 in
Insulatn Thrmal Prot Type
FC - Fiberglass & Ceramic Fiber
Insulation Thickness 3.5 99.9 in
Bottom Outlet/Fitting Typ C - Bottom Outlet & Sump
Bottom Outlet Count 1
Btm Outlet Vlv Actuation
C - Handle that is disengaged from the valve when in the closed position and located outside the skid
Condition and Notes 1-21-21: Cars were shopped for cleaning and adding new interior lining [PPG Novaguard 890]. Ready for immediate service. - Sample copy of inspection report is available. Will consider serious offers to purchase or triple net lease.
Cars were previously in Baken Oil however since then blasted with new lining cars will need periodic inspections in 2024 2025
T-06.08.20-00 Tank 117J At the owner's request please call for additional information.
T-06.24.21-00 Tank T108 2008 30000 100ton 59ft 9in outside 1 Tank Equipment Type T108
Built Date 02/01/2008
Last contained Diesel Fuel
End of Service Date 02/01/2058
Gross Rail Load/Weight 263000 lb
Tare Weight 66600 lb
Load Limit 196400 lb
Gallonage Capacity 30000 usgl
Plate Code C
Outside Length 59 Ft 9 In
Outside Extreme Width 10 Ft 8 In
Outside Extreme Height 15 Ft 4 In
Outside Height Extr Width 3 Ft 5 In
Truck Center Length 46 Ft 4 In
111A100W1 DOT
Bottom Outlet/Fitting TypA308 Value C Bottom Outlet & Sump
Bottom Outlet Valve External Bottom Outlet Ball Valve
T-07.07.22-00 Tank T109 1999 34257 gal 286cap 67ft 1in outside 78 Mechanical Tank
Equipment Type T109
Gross Rail Load/Weigh 286000 lb
Tare Weight 73000 lb
Load Limit 213000 lb
Gallon 34257 usg
Plate Code C
Outside Length 67 Ft 1 In
Outside Extreme Width 10 Ft 5 In
Outside Extreme Height 15 Ft 5 In
Outside Height Extr Width 3 Ft 0 In
Truck Center Length 63 Ft 5 In
T-07.22.22-00 Tank DOT111S100W1 2012 31790gal 286cap 59ft 4in 97 Equipment Type T209
2012 Built
Gulf Region , West Texas 10 years old just recertified
Recently HM216b Recertified for 10 years
Non Pressure Non Insulated)Tank Cars with Head Shield
Mechanical T Tank
Built Date 11/21/2012
Gross Rail 286000 lb
Tare Weight 75200 lb
Load Limit 210800 lb
Gallonage 31820 usgl
Plate Code C
Outside Length 59 Ft 4 In
Outside Extreme Width 10 Ft 8 In
Outside Extreme Height 15 Ft 6 In
Outside Height Extr Width 3 Ft 5 In
Stub Sill Design
31,790 US Gallon Capacity
286 GRL
59ft4in Outside Length
T-09.05.19-00 Tank T389 1979 33500 100ton 70ft 2in 15 Sale Only
T - Tank
Equipment Type Code
C - Plate Code C
Outside Length
70 Ft 2 In
Outside Extreme Width
10 Ft 5 In
Outside Extreme Height
15 Ft 5 In
Outside Height Extr Width
4 Ft 0 In
Truck Center Length
55 Ft 2 In
Thermal protection and a jacket
112J340W - Major Class 38 - DOT 112J340W
Some have last testing done and others are due in next couple years
Gross Rail Load/Weight
263000 lb
Tare Weight
104700 lb
Load Limit
158300 lb
Weighing Status
A - Actual
Weighing Date
Gallonage Capacity
34114 usgl
T-11.12.19-00 Tank T107 1987 26684 263 61ft 4in 7 Mechanical Designation
T - Tank Sale or lease
Equipment Type Code
Extended Service
E - Built new from July 1,1974, Qualified for 50 Years Service
Tare Weight
63400 lb
Load Limit
199600 lb
Weighing Status
A - Actual
Weighing Date
Gallonage Capacity
26684 usgl
B - Plate Code B
Outside Length
61 Ft 4 In
Outside Extreme Width
10 Ft 5 In
Outside Extreme Height
14 Ft 6 In
Outside Height Extr Width
3 Ft 5 In
Truck Center Length
47 Ft 8 In
Tank Major Class 10 - General Service Carbon Steel Tank Welded or Riveted
Includes Rubber Lined
CPC-1232 Compliant
Stenciled Shipping Spec
111A100W1 - Major Class 10/18 - DOT 111A100W1
Stub Sill Design Type
TRNTY3 - TRNTY3 Stub Sill Design
Tank Head Thickness
Tank Head Mat Spec
51670 - ASTM A516, Gr. 70
51670 - ASTM A516, Gr. 70
Tank Shell Thickness
0.4375 9.9999 in
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