Details for Reference Number HS-09.09.15-01

Side Dump Hopper
AAR Type:
Sale Type:
Sale or Lease
Quantity Avail:
Year(s) Built:
50cu yd
Load Capacity:
268 cap
46ft 8in
Expanding Info:
Sale or lease
Raymond – we have four side dumps for sale at $85,000 a piece and they are all Maxson equipment.
AAR Car Type: M120
Outside Length: 46 ft 8 in
Height of Extreme: 7 ft 6 in
AAR Type: M120
Extreme Width: 10 ft 8 in
Mech Design: MWD
Extreme Length: 46 ft 8 in
Extreme Height: 8 ft 10 in
Ownership Code: 3
Built: 1/ 1979
Tare (Empty): 92600 LBS
Load Limit: 170400 LBS
Plate Clearance: B
Cushion Under Frame: NO
Ht to Cntr Gravity: N/A
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