Details for Reference Number HCPD-08.21.17-00

Covered PD Hopper
AAR Type:
Sale Type:
Lease Only
Quantity Avail:
Year(s) Built:
Load Capacity:
286 cap
44ft 2in
Expanding Info:
Lease Only
AAR C 612 Pressure Diff
Volume 3250 cu. ft
Number of Compartments 1 with 3 hoppers
Length over Pulling Face 44ft 2 5/16in
Truck Centers 30ft 10 3/42in
Height Rail to Top of Hatch 15ft
Extreme Width Outside 10ft 8in
HeightRail to Extreme Width 8ft 8 1/4in
WidthUpper Eaves Running Boards 8ft 0in
HeightRail to Upper Eaves 15ft 1 1/2in
Clearance Diagram C
Carbody Weight estimate 35800 lbs
Total Lightweight estimate 55800 lbs
Load limit is based on 286000 lbs GRL
Hatches 5 20in aluminum pressure covers each with 2 long and 4 short ASTM A153
hot dip zinc coatedcam handles with SST hardware
Outlets Integral part of the car with 5in discharge tube
Running Boards/End Platforms Pre galvanized ARI G90
Lift Holes 4in x 6in oval holes in side sill
Draft Gear AAR M901E or M901G
Yoke SY40AE Gr. inEin or integral
Coupler SBE60bottom shelf
Coupler Carrier Wear Plates Manganese
AEI Tags 2 per car
Route Card Holder 2 per car ARI
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